Talingchan Animal Hospital – Ratchaphruek

Our patients are served by team of veterinary expert from leading state university,
equipment with modern X-Ray machine which allow us provide accurate diagnoses.
We offer expertise in veterinary science, using later technology and innovative equipment,
which allow us to provide specialized services. Including General Practice,Surgery Center,
X-Ray Digital,Exotic pets Veterinary Center, etc.

We also provide other service e.g. Pet Shop ,Grooming, Pet taxi service,
Pet Boarding during holidays/long weekends when you have to travel or
cannot take care of you pet,and pet cremation with ritual.

Business Hour : Monday-Friday 09.00 – 21.00
Saturday – Sunday 08.00-21.00
Please call : Tel : 02-595-5-8536-7

My location

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The front of Office  
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 Operating Room  x-ray Lab
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Treatment Room 1 Ward Room
 Non-Infection Room  Dog care Room
 Pet Shop